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Local Agent

Having a local, licensed UnitedHealthcare agent to assist

you with understanding your healthcare options is invaluable. A professional who deals with Medicare issues everyday.

Harold Frazer



  • You have a licensed, local agent to assist you in enrolling in a plan that meets your needs.

  • You have an experienced agent on your side when dealing with the Center for Medicare Services and the Social Security Administration.

  • We manage Medicare issues every day. We know which forms to file and when

  • When to seek prior authorizations & how to appeal when a medicare claim is  denied

  • You pay no fee or commission for our services. We are paid by UnitedHealthcare.

When you turn 65, enrolling in Medicare can be confusing. So many different plans to choose from and so much to know. Having your own licensed, local agent to guide you through the Medicare maze and educate you how to access the benefits available in your area can be a relief. There is no cost to you for using an experienced agent. A local agent in your community  knows the marketplace, the networks and the services available and can save you time, money, and frustration.


Choose a local agent who is proven reliable, knowledgeable, and trustworthy. A customer focused agent with experience and Medicare specific knowledge to help you understand your Medicare Plan options. A real person with a name and their own telephone number. Local agents have faster response times & better communication than online providers. 

You can be comfortable and confident knowing you have the knowledge and support of a licensed agent who works and lives in your area. Someone who knows you and your healthcare objectives. The Medicare industry is highly regulated to protect seniors. It is ok to do your research online but stay prudent and contact a licensed agent to confirm your individual circumstances and Medicare options.

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